Musings of an old coder

Things that I have learned and want to remember

Advent of Code 2018

This year I decide to try solving the Advent of Code puzzles/coding challenges using the Go programming language. This just being an excuse to learn something about Go as a few of the tools that I use at work use Go for their programming lanuage of choice.

Moving this site from Azure to Netlify

While doing some research on adding HTTPS to my blog on Azure, I stumbled on Netlify. Netlify offers free hosting of static sites with HTTPS, powered by Let's Encrypt.

IQVia Hack Week 2018

Starting on Monday 2018-02-12 to Friday 2018-02-16, IQVia is doing a hack week in the Seattle office. Last Friday, I presented my idea of a stand-up bot for slack. This was after I abandon the three other ideas that I had put into the pot for hack week. My goal with this project is to learn more about the following technologies