Moving this site from Azure to Netlify

Published on Saturday, July 28, 2018

Moving the hosting of this site and HTTPS

While doing some research on adding HTTPS to my blog on Azure, I stumbled on Netlify. Netlify offers free hosting of static sites with HTTPS, powered by Let's Encrypt.

Change to the build script

I add the following code to the cake build script

    .Does(() =>
        // Add NETLIFY_TOKEN to your enviornment variables
        string token = EnvironmentVariable("NETLIFY_TOKEN");
            throw new Exception("Could not get NETLIFY_TOKEN environment variable");

        // zip the output directory and upload using curl
        Zip("./output", "", "./output/**/*");
            "--header \"Content-Type: application/zip\" "
            + "--header \"Authorization: Bearer " + token + "\" "
            + "--data-binary \"\" "
            + "--url");

Then I updated my CI server to call the Deploy task.


  • Site supports HTTPS
  • Save money every month
  • Simplified deployment
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